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Summer for our family tends to be a busy time of year. I remember last year, looking at my calendar we didn’t have one free weekend for 8 weeks in a row! This year, I want more time for us to focus on creating fun and relaxing memories together and less of the hustle and bustle of life.

I am a huge fan of lists, so I created a simple summer bucket list that we can refer to to keep the summer fun and simplistic for our family. When creating a bucket list for your own family, you can look online for ideas, but try to think and discuss things that you have always wanted to do as a family but never had the time.

Try brainstorming a list of even the simplest things such as watching the sunrise, or maybe finally making that homemade popsicle reciple you’ve always wanted to try. No idea is a bad idea when creating your bucket list.

You can use our summer bucket list here, to use as your own, or I have designed a blank bucket list template for you to download and fill out with your family. Tack it to your fridge so you can keep track of what you have completed as a family this summer!


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A Family Summer Bucket List



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