Embracing the season of harvest

It's the busiest season right now, but it is the best season! Explore the blog for harvest season goodness.

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At The Rooted Farmhouse we believe in living simply beautifully™. 
We believe that you can find and create beauty in aspect of your life. There is beauty in growing and preserving your own food, making your house a home, and removing yourself from the "hustle" of modern day living. 

We've created The Rooted Collective,  a monthly membership platform where we share all the skills and knowledge to start  living simply beautifully™.

The Rooted Farmhouse



Hi there! My name is Caitlin Ritchie, a brand strategist, turned simple living country girl after deciding to go back to my roots when I hit a solid year of entrepreneurial burnout! 

I shut down my design business and turned to my passion of blogging and living simply. Now I teach and blog about simple living urban homesteading. 

Learning to slow down and focus on the simple things in life has been so rewarding, There is nothing more satisfying that growing or making something with your bare hands.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

- Caitlin xo

Hard Work




You've probably noticed the bee is a primary element in The Rooted Farmhouse brand.

Bees represent so much of what The Rooted Farmhouse stands for and believes in, it was only fitting to incorporate the bee into the brand. 

1.  Oliver has started his own business called Ollie Pop Soda Shop and we are beyond proud of him!

2.  We love exploring our own community on weekends. Our favorite places to go are the farmer's markets, festivals, and fairs.

3. Phil is our Golden Doodle, and he is another love of my life. He is basically my second child.

Some Fun Facts