Are you as excited to start your backyard gardening as I am? The grass is finally starting to peek out from under the snow and signs of spring are emerging. This year we have big plans for our backyard vegetable garden.

Last year we kept it small and filled our 4×8 raised garden bed with cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, spinach, and lettuce. Instead of building another raised garden bed, we opted to plant peppers, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries in pots and hanging planters. It worked out beautifully and we were able to yield an abundance of produce. The downside to using pots and planters is it did feel a little crowded at times around our patio area.

Our 2022 Backyard Vegetable Garden Plans

This year we have big plans. Along with trying my hand at growing cut flowers, we are expanding our backyard vegetable garden and hope to build a suitable greenhouse for the backyard. I have dreams of owning more land and building a sustainable flower farm and a real-life business dedicated around this blog, but for now, the trials will be held in our backyard here in town.

We had great success growing all of our veggies from seed last year, so I decided to reinvest in growing from seeds again. Last month I invested in a few heating mats, and larger grow light system, and better germination flats. I’m tempted to purchase one more grow light, but I will hold off for the time being since I know we need to extend our budget for the greenhouse, soil, and compost for the expansion of our new beds.

What I’m Planting This Year

  1. Black Beauty Zucchini
  2. Raab Broccoli
  3. Danvers Carrots
  4. Califonia Wonder Peppers
  5. Jalapeno Hot Peppers
  6. Utah Celery
  7. Black Cherry Tomatoes
  8. Straight Eight Cucumbers
  9. Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
  10. Red Habanero Peppers
  11. Orange Habanero Peppers
  12. Bloomsdale Spinach
  13. Vates Blue Curled Kale
  14. Blue Lake Pole Beans
  15. Easter Egg Radishes
  16. Bright Light Swiss Chard
  17. Evergreen Hardy Green Onions
  18. Sugar Baby Watermelons
  19. Paris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce

I purchased all of my seeds online from The Incredible Seed Co. here in Ontario.

Next, I’ll be sharing my garden plans along with what I’ve started seeding for my backyard cut flower garden.

What I Use For Seed Starting

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Backyard Vegetable Garden | What I’m Planting This Year


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