Embracing the season of harvest

It's the busiest season right now, but it is the best season! Explore the blog for harvest season goodness.

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I am so excited to share my new recipe for this year’s fall simmer pot with pumpkin spice! It is such an easy pumpkin spice simmer pot recipe that I know you will love! I am obsessed with all fall scents. Once the first few leaves start to change, I am embracing harvest season to […]

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Easy Pumpkin Spice Simmer Pot Recipe for Fall

Autumn, Clean Home, Thanksgiving

When the evenings start to cool in mid to late August I start getting excited about fall. All the fall decorating things come pouring into my mind. After a hot summer, the idea of decorating for a cool cozy season brings me joy. When it comes to decorating our home, I try to keep things […]

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Simple Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas

Autumn, Thanksgiving

Apple Harvest Mule

It is apple season and if you haven’t noticed already, I am all about apple recipes. I just recently posted about my Homemade Apple Sauce for Canning last week. This week I purchased a jug of fresh apple cider and just knew I had to make a cocktail. I was inspired by this Mule but […]

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Apple Harvest Mule

Autumn, Drinks, Holidays, Thanksgiving

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