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It's the busiest season right now, but it is the best season! Explore the blog for harvest season goodness.

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This Easter bunny charcuterie board is a family-friendly spring alternative to traditional charcuterie boards. It is the perfect addition to your Easter brunch to tie your guest over until Easter dinner. Instead of an easter bunny’s face on the charcuterie board, this Easter board is inspired by what the Easter bunny may eat and what […]

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Easter Bunny Charcuterie Board (Family Friendly!)

Appetizers, Easter, Grazing Boards, Spring

Learn how to make a beautiful charcuterie Christmas wreath for your next holiday party! Not only is it filled with your favourite seasonal snacks, but it is also a show-stopper on your grazing table. Christmas parties are all about food and drink. When we host I love to put on an easy spread that I […]

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How To Make A Charcuterie Christmas Wreath

Appetizers, Christmas, Grazing Boards, Winter

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