We have never been into the plastic, and scary halloween decorations. We are more of a natural pumpkin type, adding a few spiders, jack-o-lanterns, and crows once the spooky season creeps up. It wasn’t until last year, when Oliver really got into Halloween that I decided I needed to up my Halloween decor game. By still staying true to the natural decor theme we love, this DIY leaf ghost garland is the perfect addition to a simple halloween decor home. 

DIY Halloween Decorations

This DIY leaf ghost garland is a fun way to celebrate the season with the whole family. Make it a memorable fall experience by taking the kids out on a natural hike to find the perfect fall leaves. Fall hikes is one of our favorite things to do as a family. 

Bring all the leaves home, flatten them out and and let them dry. Then start the fun project of making your own ghost garland!

Once you are finished this simple DIY project, you can find the perfect spot in your home! Whether it be behind the dessert table at a halloween party, on your front door, or front porch paired with the perfect white pumpkins, or even the final touches to a halloween mantel. Keep reading for the step-by-step instructions on how to complete this easy halloween craft. 

What You Need:

​Find the Perfect Ghost Shapes

You can use any leaves from your own yard, or you can go on a hunt for the perfect ghost shape. We like to find maple and birch leaves for out ghost leaf craft. 

​Prepare The Leaves

A real leaf has a bit of moisture in it from being outdoors and alive! So we like to bring our leaves inside and let them dry for a few hours. To make them nice and flat, we place a heavy book over them to stop them from curling. 

Paint The Little Ghouls

Once the leaves are ready, paint the front and the back on the leaves with white acrylic paint. Let the first coat dry, then add another coat. Flip the leaves over and repeat on the other side. 

Add the Ghost Faces

There are so many creative ideas to add ghost faces to your little leaves. It all depends on what you want your ghost faces to look like! Use a black permanent marker to draw on the eyes and the mouth of the ghost face. 

Another easy way to add the face is to cut out the eyes and mouth using black paper. Then, simple glue the eye details on with hot glue! 

String The Leaf Ghosts

Once the leaf ghosts are dry, punch a hole on the top of the ghost. Do this will all of your ghosts, be sure to keep the hole punch at the top of the leaf. . String some twine through all of the holes to create your spooky garland! 

There you have it! An easy ghost garland for your spooky decor! Happy Halloween! 

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