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Easter is a few weeks away and we are ready for it! Easter baskets have always been my favourite but as Oliver gets older they seem to give me more trouble each year. I like to keep things simple and I try to stay away from “junk” toys that will just end up in the trash. Here is what I have come up with for some Easter Basket Ideas for Boys.

Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

  1. Chocolate & Candy: I like to only include a few chocolate and candies that Oliver loves. I have made the mistake in the past of overdoing it and not buying what he has already tried and it all ended up in the trash.
  2. Reuse Old Toys: This Flip Stick game was a gift a few years ago, but it has been forgotten in Oliver’s closet for years. I am “regifting” it this year as it is still brand new!
  3. Sensory Items: For the longest time I never understood the hype over sensory toys. I categorized them as junk as soon as the fidget spinner fad emerged. But I have now taken that back after the bear sensory toy I gave Oliver for Valentine’s Day was used daily until he unfortunately broke.
  4. Musical Toys: I’m not talking drums or an electric guitar, something small like this vintage-styled harmonica is both fun and wonderful to use as a display item in their bedroom or playroom.
  5. A Book: An Easter basket is never complete without a good book. You can’t go wrong with an Easter-themed one, kindness, or gardening.
  6. Fillers: If your Easter basket feels like it’s missing something, it’s probably lacking fillers. I like to fill empty holes with small toys, temporary tattoos, candies, and small travel games.

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Easter Basket Ideas for Boys




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