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If you’ve ever dreamed about getting that luxury hotel cloud-feeling bed at home, you are in luck. Today I am going to share with you how to make a bed like a designer starting with how to choose the best sheets and bring your luxury hotel dream true.

If you look all over the internet you will find articles on how to make a bed like a designer in a costly way. Today I am going to share with you an easy and budget-friendly way how to get the look and feel for less.

The Base Layer

When you think about how you are going to make a bed like a designer, the first thing that probably comes to mind is loads of pillows and a big fancy duvet. That’s what I initially would think of first as well. But think about when you are actually in bed. The throw pillows are tossed to the side and the big duvet is either pulled back or on the very top.

What you want to think of first is how to choose the best sheets for your bed. Sheet sets can be confusing. There are so many fabric options, thread counts, and colors. Which one do you choose? It all depends on personal preference if I have to be honest. I have spent over $100 on sheets all the way to $20. I can admit the $100 sheets were not my favorite.

How to Choose The Best Material for Your Sheets

When searching for sheets I like to look for real materials. No synthetic fabrics such as microfiber or polyester. They are slippery and if you are a warm sleeper can make you sweat and overheat, not a good sleep in my opinion. 100% cotton and linen are the two I look for when buying sheets. You can find really affordable options that last.

Some sheets have a mix of natural and synthetic fibers. I like to stay clear of any synthetic if at all possible. Sheets with any amount of synthetic fibers can start to pill over time and become uncomfortable before the life span of the sheets is actually over.

Does Thread Count in Sheets Matter?

I am not worried about the thread count of my sheets anymore. I used to think that the higher the thread count, the better the sheets.

Basically, the thread count in sheets determines how many threads are woven into a one-inch square of fabric. The number of vertical and horizontal threads added together in that one-inch square is what the thread count would be.

Those threads could be made of cotton, linen, polyester, satin, or anything really. You could have a high thread count of polyester sheets and a lower thread count of 100% cotton or linen sheets and the natural sheets would outlast the polyester.

Thread count is a marketing tactic to encourage you to focus on the numbers to pay a higher price thinking you are getting a premium product, but it’s just not the case.

So instead of focusing on the thread count, focus on the material.

What about Color?

When deciding on how to choose the right sheets for your bed, specifically color, it all depends on personal preference but I like to look for white or light sheets. They are easily bleached and spot-treating them is easier than say a blue or grey sheet.

I love sheets that have details on the edges or even a small pattern such as florals or plaid.

Below are some options that I love:

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned throughout this post, a lot of the time it comes to personal preference when it comes to choosing the right sheets for your bed. I’m sharing my opinion since I have trialed many types for over 10 years. I have come to the conclusion you can not go wrong with light cotton or linen sheets. I even don’t mind a cozy flannel in the depth of winter.

Choosing the right sheets for your bed will give you the foundation to continue to make your bed like a designer.

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How to Choose The Best Sheets for Your Bed



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