Dress up your front porch for the fall with this easy DIY fall wreath made of wheat!

This year I am keeping things neutral, similar to every other year. I wanted to incorporate a wreath into our fall decor this year but knew I needed to keep things natural and the colours suitable to flow with my theme. With acres and acres of wheat surrounding my parent’s place and my need for a new fall wreath, wheat was an inevitable choice!

I grabbed some garden sheers, and started harvest by hand what was blown over and damaged from the wind and brought it home with us on our 7-hour drive!

This particular type of wheat I had had was bearded. I started forming my wreath but noticed it looked a little “fluffy” for my liking, so I took it apart and spent countless hours, trimming off the “beard” to create a more delicate feel to the wreath.

I also used a 16-inch cardboard wreath form that I found at Micheals along with the paddle wire. You can use floral tape, but I wanted to option to hang the wreath outdoors and was worried the tape would unstick due to weather.

DIY Fall Wreath Materials


  1. Cut the stalk of the wheat down to 3 inches for easy forming. If your wheat is bearded, trim for a delicate look.
  2. Grab your wreath form and wrap a bunch of wheat tightly around it with the wire. Not too tight that it cuts into the stalks of the wheat, but tight enough that the wheat is secure to the form.
  3. Leave your wire attached to the spool and wrap as you go, adding more bunches of wheat to form the look you want.
  4. Add bunches of wheat to the outside, inside, and center of the form. Ensuring all areas of the form and stalks are covered, cutting the stalks down as you go.

5. Continue adding bunches and wrapping until you have covered the entire form.

6. Once you have reached the end, continue adding the wheat to the form with smaller bunches to complete the design. Be cautious not to crush the wheat on the wreath and you finish.

7. Cut the padded wire from the spool and wrap it around the form to secure it.

7. Add a bow and enjoy!

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DIY Fall Wreath

  1. […] gorgeous neutral fall wreath is so easy to make and adds a charming fall feel! We love this elegant bearded wheat wreath that […]

  2. […] gorgeous neutral fall wreath is so easy to make and adds a charming fall feel! We love this elegant bearded wheat wreath that […]

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