If you have been following my stories on Instagram you would have seen some behind-the-scenes of Oliver’s new bedroom redesign. Since he is getting older, and almost at the age where he would appreciate his own space we decided to move him to the loft area where our primary bedroom used to be. 

In the process of planning his bedroom, we decided that this would be the perfect time to upgrade his twin bed from his old room to a double. He had been complaining about his bed being too small and uncomfortable in the past so a new bed along with a new bedroom would be such a surprise for him. 

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Ordering Mattresses Online

We previously purchased his twin at a local furniture store on a whim since our closest city is about 2 hours away. We didn’t have many options and so we basically settled on one of the two options we were given. 

We didn’t want to be left with the same limited options locally and didn’t want to make the long trip to other stores, so we decided to see what options we had online. It’s crazy to think that you can order a mattress online just as you would clothing. There are a variety of options to choose from with all types of materials and prices. 

The brands that we narrowed down were Juno and IKEA. 

Juno vs. IKEA

IKEA is a budget-friendly Swedish fast furniture company that also sells mattresses. We have purchased a few pieces of furniture from IKEA in the past for our bedroom which we are happy with. You can purchase an IKEA mattress in-store or on their website. When you purchase the mattress, you have the option to pick up or have your mattress delivered for a fee. They offer exchanges only, and you have to take the mattress to the store yourself to exchange it.

Our other option was Juno. We originally purchased one for ourselves and loved it, so when it was time to get a mattress for Oliver, the brand quickly came to mind. Juno is an affordable Canadian mattress company that focuses on quality and comfort at a budget-friendly price. They offer a 120-night sleep trial so there is basically no worry about trying the mattress out beforehand. You can literally test it out in the comfort of your own home. After much research and reviewing all our options, we decided to go with Juno. 

Why We Chose Juno

  1. Juno is a Canadian. Juno is an independent Canadian company that makes mattresses to order right here in Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec. As a Canadian family, we love supporting Canadian brands whenever we can. 
  2. 120-night sleep trial. Ordering a mattress online can be a little scary especially if you can’t test out the mattress beforehand. With Juno’s 120-night sleep trial there is absolutely no risk. If you don’t like it within those 120 days (that’s basically 4 months), you can return it free of charge! 
  3. Free shipping and returns. As a busy family, driving to an IKEA to pick up or exchange mattresses didn’t fit our lifestyle. With Juno, you get free shipping to your home AND free returns. 
  4. Piece of mind.  While  IKEA is a big box, fast furniture store, Juno is made with durable materials and proudly backed by a 15-year warranty. It gave us a piece of mind that we made the right choice and that Oliver will have quality sleep. 
  5. Budget-Friendly. We didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a mattress but we also didn’t want to skimp on quality. Juno offers an affordable price and incredible value without sacrificing quality. 

Juno’s In Our Home

We now currently have two Juno mattresses in our home. One for Oliver and one in our primary room. The mattress in our primary suite has held up well and we love how it provides comfort and support in all the right places. Oliver sleeps hot like most kids so Juno’s full-body cooling gel foam, helps Oliver stay cool through the night. We still can’t believe how affordable they are for the quality. If you are in need of a mattress, I highly recommend you check out a Juno mattress!

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5 reasons to shop Juno instead of IKEA


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