Easter is right around the corner, and it has to be one of my favourite holidays for entertaining. This easy Easter place setting was created in less than 10 minutes using what I had lying around the house. If I had to be honest, I don’t think I have ever intentionally gone out and purchased something specifically for table styling. I generally have an idea and try to use what I already have, and most of the time it works out beautifully.

A table setting doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t need anything special to make it beautiful. Below is all you really need to create a beautiful table setting that your friends and family will be swooning over.

A Centerpiece

Typically you will want to use flowers or some sort of foliage. I love using fresh florals, or greenery. If you can’t get your hands on fresh florals, fake will work just as well. For spring I enjoy fresh tulips weekly so I always have them on hand. I used fresh greenery for this baby shower centerpiece.

Layers Are Key

When creating your place setting, think in layers. If you feel like your place setting is lacking, or something is missing, it’s probably layers. In this place setting, I opted for 4 layers, starting with a round seagrass placemat. You can use chargers, or even scrap fabric and large leaves for a fun boho look. After the placemat layer, I placed a dinner plate followed by a salad plate on top. Here I decided to match the plates, but for a fun pop of interest, you can play around with mismatched plates. Finally, I topped it off with this super cute bunny I made with a linen napkin, fresh egg, and scrap ribbon.

Have Fun With Toppers

Place setting toppers finish of your styled tablescape, and they can also serve a purpose in a fun way. Play around with unique napkin folding techniques, use tiny flowers, and get creative designing name cards. Even the most unconventional objects can be used in your place setting topper, such as this fresh brown egg!

How are you designing your Easter place setting this year? For step-by-step instructions on how I created this bunny topper head over to my Instagram to watch the reel.

For more Easter table setting ideas, visit my Pinterest for daily inspiration.

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Easy Easter Place Setting


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