Do you have lots of extra cheese? Today I will teach you how to freeze shredded cheese so you can have shredded cheese at your fingertips for months!

If you have read this blog for some time now, you know that I am a big fan of freezing for preservation. With the rise in grocery prices, I am always on the lookout for great sales and discounts. When I find a really good deal on cheese I like to stock up!

Just last week I purchased 3 blocks of old cheddar cheese and 3 blocks of fresh mozzarella cheese from the grocery store. I was able to preserve the cheese in a way that I felt comfortable that it wouldn’t turn.

Cheese does have a long shelf life, but it can last even longer in the freezer. We prepare our cheese as shredded for meals 95% of the time, so we decided the best way to preserve it was in shredded form.

What You Need

How to Freeze Shredded Cheese

  1. Remove the brick of cheese from its packaging and break the brick into 3-4 blocks.
  2. Push the cheese block into the food processor with the grater attachment or use a handheld cheese grater. I love using my food processor since it is so much easier. If you have a food processor with a grater attachment (see image below), it is your best option to keep this process super quick.
  3. Ensure the grated cheese doesn’t start to become compacted in the machine. You want the cheese to stay as separated as possible.
  4. Once your machine has filled with the shredded cheese, label a medium-sized ziplock bag with the type of cheese and the date. Depending on the amount of cheese you want in each bag, this will vary, but scoop in 2-3 cups or when it is almost half full.
  5. Lay the ziplock freezer bag on its side and carefully flatten the shredded cheddar cheese without squishing the cheese, so it will freeze nice and flat.
  6. Remove as much air as possible before closing the ziplock bag.
  7. Once you have repeated the process until all of your grated cheese is bagged, stack it in the freezer for future use.

Why You Should Grate Cheese Before Freezing

If you have ever frozen block cheese in its original packaging before, you may have noticed once the cheese thaws it has a crumbly texture. It is very hard to grate once thawed. I have found the best results with freezing blocks of cheese after it has been grated.

How Long Can You Freeze Shredded Cheese?

If the frozen cheese is in an airtight container such as a ziplock bag or vacuum-sealed bag it should last up to 6 months before it gets freezer burn. If you see a fair amount of ice crystals starting to form, it is a good idea to use the cheese as soon as possible to avoid food waste.

How to Thaw Shredded Cheese Quickly

You can thaw shredded cheese in under 20 minutes. If you need your shredded cheese at room temperature quickly simply open the ziplock bag and let it thaw on the counter. By opening the bag you will allow the warm air to quickly thaw the cheese. It’s simple, but it is an effective way to thaw the cheese quickly!

What are the best types of Cheese to Freeze?

Not all cheeses can be shredded but here is a list of the cheese that freeze well. Most of these cheeses such as cream cheese, ricotta, and cottage cheese, freeze best in their containers. I have even frozen an open package of blue cheese wrapped tightly in aluminum foil and plastic wrap. When you freeze cheese it does have a slight texture change, but nothing too crazy in my opinion. If you aren’t picky, then freezing cheese is the best option to preserve cheese to avoid food waste.

  1. Cheddar
  2. Gouda
  3. Monterrey Jack
  4. Mozzarella
  5. Parmesan
  6. Provolone
  7. Swiss

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