Do you want to learn how to save money on groceries in 2023? No matter what country you are in, these tips will work for you!

How to Save Money on Groceries in 2023

We used to spend around $300 a week on groceries back in 2021. The price of groceries wasn’t even as high as they are now and we have been able to reduce our cost of food by $1200 a MONTH! We average around $81 USD per week for our family of 3. Within that $81, I am usually grabbing multiples to stock up as well.

So how did we reduce our grocery bill so much? By changing the way we think of our food, how we eat, and what we eat.

Shop The Reduced Shelves First

Some people cringe when I mention that I like to shop in the reduced section in the grocery store, but I have no shame. What I do find shameful is the pounds of food that go to landfill each and every day. If you shop it correctly and make the time to preserve it so it doesn’t go to waste, it is the best way to save money at the grocery store in 2023.

When I shop in the reduced section, I look for items I can freeze or cook up right away. This includes items such as onions, carrots, peppers, lemons, meats, berries, etc. If I am confident I can find a way to extend its shelf life I buy it.

Stop buying “food” and start buying ingredients

With our busy lifestyle, we are programmed to view convenient food as well… convenient. But in reality, convenient food is only convenient for so long. There are so many harsh chemicals and additives in these foods that eventually the convenience turns to sickness.

Check out this app that will help you see what harsh ingredients are in your food.

For years I felt sick and tired all the time. I constantly had stomach issues, joint issues, and headaches. After reducing the amount of convenient processed foods in my diet almost all of my symptoms disappeared.

Even convenient “healthy” food isn’t really healthy. Real food is healthy food. I focus my shopping on the outside of the store and mostly go to the middle isles for ingredients.

Does this mean we don’t snack or have treats? Yes, we do, and my husband still loves his chips, but I try to make as many of our snacks, treats, and meals as possible if I can.

Below are some great ideas to swap out processed convenience food for natural and homemade foods.

six bags of lemons on a butcher block counter

Shop The Flyers & Buy In Season

If you have the room I suggest stocking up when things are in season. Since we don’t have enough space to grow all of our food, I like to supplement by shopping the flyers, and markets when things are in season. Last year I almost froze enough carrots and corn to last us all fall, winter, and early spring.

Find out what is in season, and plan ahead. This year I made this harvest calendar to remind me what is in season and when. This way I can plan accordingly for my gardening, shopping, and preserving.

Price Match When You Can To Save Money on Groceries in 2023

Depending on what your store’s policies are, you can price match other stores’ sales so you don’t have to run around to different stores to get the deals. My most price-matched items are cheese, butter, and berries. I recently price-matched cheese for half the regular price.

One thing to note about price-matching produce is that the location that it was grown in has to match the flyer deal. So if your oranges were grown in the USA and the flyer deal is in Mexico, your store will most likely not allow that. But if they both were grown in the USA then you are in luck and can price-match it.

a variety of fresh groceries on a kitchen counter

Stock Up on Ingredients

I believe the best way to save money on groceries in 2023 is to stock up on ingredients. I love a good meal planner, but if you don’t plan your meals around what you have on hand you are probably spending way more money than you need.

We stock up on things such as pasta, cheese, carrots, peppers, corn, and baking ingredients. We get our meat in bulk through a meat order and we eat fairly simply now.

So for example, instead of ordering a pizza or buying a frozen pizza, since we have all of the ingredients on hand, we can make homemade pizzas from our stock-up ingredients in no time. Want a Sunday beef roast? We pull everything out of the freezer without stepping foot in the grocery store.

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How to Save Money on Groceries In 2023

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