If you are looking for the best cleaning products to keep your home sparkling I am here to give you my top 7.

If you are like me you have your tried and true cleaning products that you use over and over again. Sometimes you may try out a new brand or way of cleaning which gets added to your favorites lists or is a miss.

I’ve stayed pretty true to my cleaning products with a few additions over the years, and I am here to share them with you.

Cleaning is something you either love or you hate. As I get older I am always on the lookout to find ways to clean my home quickly and efficiently. It’s not that I don’t like cleaning, I would just rather spend my time elsewhere. Time is valuable, especially when you have kids. I don’t want to be spending my time cleaning on the weekend if I don’t have to, and I bet you are the same.

I have a few products that I have added to my favorites list over time, which helps me save time cleaning. My rule is that it has to clean well as well as save time. If it doesn’t clean well but saves time, I pass on it. An example of this would be my Roomba. I was lucky enough to buy a brand-new Roomba secondhand. We loved it for the first few months, but quickly noticed it didn’t work well in our home. We were constantly “saving” it from doom, or it would just run in circles. I don’t believe a Roomba is a completely failed cleaning product though. I think it doesn’t do well in OUR home. We live in a small cottage-style home. The rooms are small and not open-concept. I think the poor thing just had a hard time maneuvering around.

Where to Buy Cleaning Products

My favorite place to buy cleaning products is online. I don’t like to take a chance that it won’t be in stock in my local store and the prices are much more affordable online. I can take my time checking reviews and deals. Amazon has always been a great place to purchase my favorite cleaning products since they have fast delivery and competitive prices.

Best Cleaning Products From Amazon

Bissell Crosswave, Wet, and Dry Vac: This has to be hands down my favorite cleaning product of all time. This handy machine not only vacuums but mops at the same time, saving me tons of time! It can get off the most stubborn spills and cleans the floors beautifully. It is perfect to pull out when we are expecting guests and to use when I just want to get the house cleaned quickly. The suction on this thing is amazing. I love it more than my Dyson. It has a hardwood and rug setting so you can easily move from the floor to the rugs in one pass. What used to take me over an hour to clean, I now can clean my floors in less than 20 minutes. If I have to only recommend one cleaning product, this would be it!

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop: It took me a bit to jump on the spin mop bandwagon, but I am so glad I did. This product may seem pretty simple, but it is a deep cleaning star. I pull out my spin mop whenever I want to get in a do a deep clean. I use it on the floors, walls, ceiling, you name it. With a little bit of powder tide and hot water, it’s my favorite way to get in for a deep clean.

The best part is that the kids love it! The spinner is like a fun game, which gets the kids excited to help out. BONUS!

Bar Mop Cleaning Towels: We don’t use paper towel in this house, I know shocking! It has been quite the conversation piece with our friends and family in the past. If I have to be honest, I have a hard time spending money on something you use to throw in the garbage. Toilet paper is enough for me. I can say that I have only purchased paper towel 2-3 times in my lifetime, and 2 of those times was by mistake (I thought it was toilet paper). We once bought a big case from Costco by mistake and they lasted over 2 years. This is a prime example for why we really don’t need to buy it. I find we use more paper towel than we need and it costs so much money. We purchase these packs of bar mops from Amazon every 2 years or so and wash them to reuse again. I have a designated few that I use for the bathroom and the rest get folded and laundered with the rest of the towels. We use them for surface cleaning, dusting, cleaning up spills. Basically anything you would use a paper towel for.

Bar Keepers Friend Powder Cleanser: If you have a white porclien sink this cleanser is a must. It is fanstasic to get stains out and that grey ring that can sometimes occur. I use it everytime I do a deep clean on the sink. I have also used it on a few pots to get off any stubborn cooked on foods. It works like a charm.

Natural Fiber Sponge: I have never been a fan of your typical dish sponge. Something about it grosses me out and screams waste. I feel the same way about sponges as I do paper towel. We have used knitted dish clothes in the past and still do at times. We would just throw the dish cloth in the laundery after a few uses and repeat. These natural fiber sponges do the exact same but have a little more scrubbing power to them. We are able to get a full year from 3 sponges. Eventually they do start to wear, which then we just move them out to the garage to be used.

Bissell Little Green Machine: This little machine is an old favourite. We’ve had our Little Green Machine for over 12 years now and it still cleans as good as it did when it was brand new. It was our first real “adult” purchase when Ryan and I moved in together. This little guy is amazing to have in your cleaning closet when you have a home full of pets or children. It’s how I keep my white carpets and sofa WHITE! It has put it’s time in and has been 2000% worth the investment.

Bamboo Scrub Cleaning Brush: Not only is this brush pretty to display in your kitchen it is also a practical cleaning tool. I must admit, when I first bought my cleaning brush, I bought it for the sole purpose of only having it on display. Then one day I used it and loved how well it cleaned. It’s tough enough to get off cooked on food, but gentle enough it won’t scratch your expensive cookware. I have even used it on a few of our cast iron pans that were cooking a little too hot.

And there you have it, my top 7 best cleaning products from Amazon. Be sure to check out my other cleaning and organizing posts if you enjoyed reading this one.

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The Best Cleaning Products From Amazon

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